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Women’s underwear – 5 questions you’re too embarrassed to ask


Did you know, a woman spends approximately £20,000 on them in her lifetime?

Arguably, they’re one of the most important items in our wardrobe, used to cover up the most ‘delicate’ part of our anatomy. And yet, there’s still a lot about them we simply don’t know – usually because we’re too embarrassed to ask.

 Women's underwear available at Tokyo Laundry


But not to worry. Women’s underwear is one of our specialist subjects at Tokyo Laundry. When it comes to ladies pants, we certainly know what we’re talking about. And here we’ve answered some of your burning questions.


Women’s underwear 101


Does the fabric matter?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

Silk and lace may look very pretty. But they certainly don’t promote good feminine health. Renowned for trapping heat and moisture, such fabrics act as a catalyst for a range of nasty nether-region issues – including everything from yeast infections to jock itch.

That’s why health experts recommend wearing cotton knickers, just like the ones available at Tokyo Laundry. They’re breathable, comfortable, and quickly wick away any moisture – minimising your risk of infections, whilst still looking super cute.


Is it unhygienic to wear the same pair of knickers for two days?

This one comes down to common sense.

From a health perspective, no – if you missed laundry day this week, there’s no need to panic. Wearing the same knickers for two days in a row shouldn’t do you any harm. But there are a couple of scenarios in which you should probably don a fresh pair.

For example, if they’re marked in some way or if you’ve been particularly sweaty. A two-day moisture build-up will not only smell… unpleasant, it can also increase your chance of getting a yeast infection. Not a good idea. You should also aim to change your ladies underwear more frequently if you have any scratches, sores or rashes on your skin.


Should I ever go commando?

In our opinion, going commando is only acceptable in one scenario – when you’re in bed.

Sleeping undie-free can offer a lot of benefits, increasing airflow, improving comfort, keeping you cool and promoting your health. But during the day, ditching your knicks should be a big no-no.

Tight clothing can lead to chafing and irritation down south. It’s not particularly hygienic. And thanks to no VPL underwear, it’s completely unnecessary. Slip on a pair of no VPL thongs from Tokyo Laundry and you can stay fresh, clean, and comfy – without compromising your outfit. 


Examples of ladies underwear available at Tokyo Laundry


Can I go to the gym in a thong?

Technically, there’s no reason why you can’t. Studies that link thong-wearing at the gym and health consequences are fairly limited. But we’re still not convinced it’s a good idea.

For a start, ouch! Hitting the treadmill in a skimpy thong certainly won’t be comfortable. Secondly, it’s going to get very sweaty very quickly. A thong will shift around during your workout, taking bacteria along for the ride – which could increase your odds of an infection.

Our advice? Opt for women’s knickers with full booty coverage instead!


Does women’s underwear have an expiration date?

We all have a few favourite pairs that we find it’s difficult to part with. But as a general rule-of-thumb, women’s underwear should be replaced around once every 6-12 months. After all, your knickers get up close and personal with your private parts. There’s a lot of bacteria down there and, unless you wash with bleach, this can build up over time.

You should also regularly check them for any frays, holes, stains or overstretched elastic. If your pants are starting to look worn and tired, it’s time to toss them out and treat yourself to new ones.


Am I wearing the right size?

Ladies underwear should be form-fitting yet comfortable.

It should hug your feminine figure, ensuring that it stays in place underneath your outfit, and provide an ideal level of coverage. But it shouldn’t be overly tight. If your knickers are leaving uncomfortable marks on your waistline or legs, it may be worth choosing the next size up.


Women's knickers available at Tokyo Laundry


Invest in some new women’s knickers today

Maybe it’s time to ditch the silk for some cotton knickers? Perhaps you need to invest in no VPLs or gym pants? Or just fancy treating yourself to a few new styles?

Whatever the reason, be sure to take a look through our women’s underwear collection. We have a selection of briefs, boxer briefs and thongs available in a range of pretty colours and patterns. All of which come in multi-packs of 3 or 5 and are available for a great price.

And keep in mind, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you have another question about ladies underwear (that you’re just too embarrassed to ask anyone else!) or wish to find out more about the knickers available in our store, hit us up at any time. Send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and our underwear experts will get back to you as soon as possible.


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