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What is borg and why is it awesome?


It’s a funny word, but one worth knowing about.

Browse through our online menswear department, and you’ll see that some items are marked as ‘Borg Lined’. In fact, we have an entire men’s collection dedicated to so-called ‘Borg Heroes’. But what does is actually mean? Should a borg lined hoody be something you add to your next shop?

We’d say yes – definitely!


Borg lined clothing available at Tokyo Laundry


Read on to find out about this awesome material and why we love it so much.


What is borg lining?

A borg lining is an extra layer that’s stitched inside a garment, usually a hoody, fleece, jacket or coat. Just as the name suggests, this lining is made from borg – which is a sheepskin-like fabric very similar to shearling. But of course, it’s faux and no animals are harmed in its production.

Borg material has many benefits.

For a start, it’s super soft and comfortable against the skin. It’s thick and cosy, perfect for days when you’re reluctant to leave your duvet! And most importantly, it’s seriously warm.

Clothing with a borg lining demonstrates excellent heat generating and heat retaining properties, particularly if combined with a rich cotton or teddy fleece outer. As such, it’s a fantastic investment for the autumn-winter months. Whether you want to stay toasty on your morning commute or wish to keep your heating bills down, we guarantee, our borg lined threads are just the ticket.


Borg clothing by Tokyo Laundry


Borg lined hoodies and sweatshirts

 Borg lined hoodies for men

The key to keeping warm is to ensure your body’s core is kept at a constant, comfortable temperature. Get your torso nice and toasty and the heat will radiate out from there.

Here at Tokyo Laundry, we make sure all of our borg lined hoodies have a fully lined hood and body – whilst the sleeves are double lined with jersey. That way, important areas will be kept warm and you won’t feel the chill of a cold winter day. But due to their clever design, you won’t look like marshmallow man either. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Our menswear department currently features a diverse range of borg hoodies and sweatshirts, including zip-up and pullover styles in a variety of colours. All of which are superb quality, affordably priced and exceptionally cosy. So, why not take a look today?


Borg fleeces

Borg fleeces available at Tokyo Laundry

Available as part of our men’s adventure range, we also stock a snuggly selection of borg lined fleeces. These are designed to provide optimum levels of warmth and comfort. Crafted from borg on both the inside and outside – including the body, sleeves, and collar – they’re incredibly soft to touch and are the ideal extra layer for when temperatures start to fall.

Not just functional, but stylish too. Our borg fleeces come in popular shades of grey, olive green, navy blue, natural taupe and more. Just zip one up over your short sleeved t-shirt and pair with joggers or jeans to complete this transitional look.


Borg lined coats

Borg lined coats

It’s fair to say, our borg lined coats take warmth to a completely new level.

These are not just your standard parka. Plush borg fabric runs from the hood down to the waistline, whilst the lower half also benefits from a thick quilted lining. They’re super comfy, super toasty, and – thanks to their nylon taslon outer construction – they offer ultimate protection against the UK elements. Invest in one of these bad boys and you’re all set for the autumn-winter months.

Despite their amazing quality and exceptional performance, our borg lined coats are available for an affordable price, and we have lots of popular colours to choose from.

Just browse the range to find your fave.


Invest in ‘borg’ today

Want to see what all the fuss is about?

Any products with the ‘Borg Lined’ stamp feature this awesome fabric and are guaranteed to keep you warm and cosy, without compromising on style. So, why not take a look? Throw a few items in your basket today and, we guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

And keep in mind, we’re always happy to help. If you have any questions about ‘borg’ in general or a specific borg lined piece in our menswear collection, you’re welcome to contact us at any time. Just send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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