What is borg and why is it awesome?

Browsing our hoody pages, you might have seen some marked as "borg lined". In the dark about what this means? Read on and find out about this awesome material and why we love it so much.

Borg itself is a faux sheepskin like material, similar to shearling (ours is all animal friendly). It has a very soft feel, but a good thickness to it and a bumpy looking surface.

Anything borg lined is super warm due to its heat generating and retaining properties, which is why we love it for autumn / winter, especially right now with the temperature hovering around freezing. As soon as we have to leave our duvet in the morning it's on with the borg hoody - almost as cosy (although we do prefer the duvet).

Our borg lined hoodies have a fully borg lined hood and body, whilst the sleeves are double jersey lined, so they aren't too bulky - no one wants to look like the marshmallow man! The key to keeping warm, apart from layers, is making sure your core is warm. That's basically your torso. Get your central body warm and it will radiate out. So whether you need a keep warm option for a frosty early morning gym trip, or you're trying to keep the heating bills down, these little beauties are just the ticket.

It's not just hoodies either. Our Teddy Borg Fleeces from our adventure range are ideal for tackling the colder weather. The soft to touch borg on the inside and outside are perfect for stepping out in, and adds an insulating layer whilst keeping you cosy and warm.

If you’re looking for a more stylish, multi-functional piece – why not go for one of our borg lined checked brushed flannel overshirts? They’re suitable for the transitional season and great tip; they can be styled as a jacket or shirt! The main body is fully lined in soft borg which is also reflected in the collar – it’s about keeping that core warm!

Alternatively, you can lock in the heat with one of our mainstay classic bonded fleeces! These will ensure your entire torso stays fully insulated as these are fully lined in the body, sleeves and collar!

Finally, you can’t leave the house without a coat; so brace yourself for the cold with one of our borg lined parka coats – specifically designed to keep you warm!

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