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Warm clothes to heat the human (not the home)

Reluctant to turn up the thermostat?

We don’t blame you.

Energy bills at the mo are high enough to make your eyes water.

As we wade through winter and temperatures dip, Martin Lewis (aka The Money Saving Legend) has issued a simple piece of advice. To ‘heat the human, not the home’. It seems, the key to keeping warm – without shelling out a fortune – is to dress savvy.

Which may explain the sudden increase in demand for warm clothes


Warm clothes to heat the human (not the home)


This year, light-hearted ‘Christmas gifts’ – think onesies, socks, slippers – surged in popularity much earlier. Which suggested a completely different intention. People aren’t buying them to give as a present, but as a practical investment. To fight the chill in their homes!

Everyone is upping their warm loungewear game in an attempt to save money. And here at Tokyo Laundry, we’re totally here for it.

In fact, warm loungewear is kind of our speciality. And we have everything you could possibly need to keep you and the rest of the fam toasty, without toasting your bank balance.



The official warm clothing shopping list

Minimal expenditure required.


1. Warm pyjamas

The perfect base layer for lazy days at home.

Forget about the trad terry cloth PJs and festive fleecy sets. Illogical as it sounds, it’s better to opt for relatively thin yet close-fitting pyjamas – as these lock in the heat and help to ‘wick away’ sweat.

Our advice?

Pick out a two-piece made from cotton jersey, with a long sleeved top and pant legs – like the ones we sell (obvs). As part of our nightwear collection, we have a range of men’s and women’s pyjamas that fit the bill perfectly and are a sound starting point for stay-at-home warmth.


 Women's warm clothes available at Tokyo Laundry



2. A cosy, warm dressing gown

At Tokyo Laundry, we love a warm dressing gown and we’re not ashamed to say it.

Until recently, they were viewed as a bit old fashioned. Perhaps a little fuddy-duddy? Defo reserved for Nan and Grandad. But this year, they’re hot in demand – and we can cater to the masses.

Dressing gowns with tie belts. Zip up dressing gowns with long-line silhouettes. Classic shawl necks. Cosy hooded designs. For men and women. All made from a super soft-touch fleece to provide exceptional warmth. If you’re looking for a top layer to keep the cold at bay, our collection certainly has you covered.



3. An oversized, wearable, hooded blanket

Hooded blankets have boomed this year – unsurprisingly.

They offer around the same level of snugness as a fluffy onesie, whilst being a tad more practical (no contorting your limbs and letting heat escape in the loo!) And they can be layered over pretty much anything you want. Lounge sets. Pyjamas. Even your WFH workwear (post Teams call).

Again, we’ve jumped on the bandwagon.

Our ‘snuggle’ oversized hooded blankets are a fantastic ‘oodie alternative’.

Boasting a soft fleece outer and sumptuous borg lining throughout, they’re designed with extreme low temps in mind – and feel like a big, snuggly, warm hug!



Men's warm clothes available at Tokyo Laundry



 4. A pair of slippers

If your feet are cold, you’re cold. It’s just the way of the world.

So if you want to stop the shivering, start from the bottom up and slip your tootsies into some warm slippers. And for extra cosy points, make sure they’re a fully enclosed style – like mules.

Slippers are another staple in our loungewear line-up here at Tokyo Laundry.

We have styles for both men and women, all designed with three key principles in mind. Comfort, cosiness, and style. Made with a fleece or faux suede outer and lined with either faux fur or sherpa fleece, they’ll heat things up no probs – especially if paired with some snuggly socks.



5. A borg hoodie

If you looked up the definition of ‘warm clothes’ in the dictionary, you’d find ‘a borg hoodie’.

Borg is a faux sheepskin fabric, that not only feels super soft, but also demonstrates excellent heat generating and heat retaining properties – particularly if combined with rich cotton or teddy fleece.

We don’t call them Borg ‘heroes’ for no reason.

Invest in one of these bad boys from our online collection and it truly will become the hero of your at-home winter wardrobe. They take warmth to a whole new level – guaranteeing that, even when it’s sub-zero outside, you won’t be tempted to tweak the thermostat.



Warm loungewear



Save cash, stay cosy, shop at Tokyo Laundry

Warm clothes are the metaphorical middle finger to your energy provider.

Why heat the house, when you can buy new warm loungewear instead?

Forget about dialling up the central heating. Invest in some affordable, cosy clothes from our online men’s and women’s range and keep the change for another rainy day.

For additional offers and promotions on our warm clothes for indoors, be sure to sign up to our newsletter. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We may not be as clued up on the cost of living crisis as Martin Lewis. But we do know our products like the back of our hands. We’re always happy to provide more info and can offer further helpful tips on how to dress to impress to stay warm at home this winter. 



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