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Men’s boxers – a surprising summer trend for women

Men’s boxers.

Did you know, they’ve been declared the shorts of the season? No joke.

Loungewear may have been the hero of the pandemic. But male underpants are, officially, its successor. Not only has this “borrowed from the boy” craze been trickling into our Insta and TikTok feed, it featured in several 2022 fashion shows – and is predicted to be a big trend for summer.



Men's boxers available at Tokyo Laundry



It seems we’re all just a bit reluctant to let go of comfort. Even as we adjust to the hybrid life, elasticated waists, stretchy fabrics and laidback silhouettes are still very much a vibe. And let’s face it, clothing doesn’t get much comfier than a pair of cotton boxers.

Gender lines in fashion are also continuing to blur. Not only are boxer shorts ridiculously comfy, wearing them as regular shorts is on-point, fun and strangely freeing. You couldn’t get away with wearing any other intimates in public! And at Tokyo Laundry, we’re here for it.

We have a fantastic collection of men’s underwear to choose from – and it’s certainly NOT reserved for men. So why not invest in a little two pack? Dare to be a bit different, try out this surprising summer trend and be sure to tag us in your selfies using #TokyoLaundryStyle.



3 ways to nail the men’s boxers trend


1. Peeking boxers

Last year, visible thongs (circa 2002) were a bit of a thing, popping up everywhere from the runway to high street stores. Fast forward to ‘22, and this controversial trend has been replaced by another…

Peeking boxers.

Designers and celebrities alike are styling low-hung bottoms with visible boxer waistbands. And if you’re not sure about stepping out in just your bf’s briefs, it’s a great way to embrace the ‘men’s boxers for women’ trend – without baring all or feeling overly self-conscious.

Simply style a pair of our men’s boxers under low-rise jeans. The brighter the boxers, the better. And finish the look with a cropped tank or bralette.    


Boxer shorts at Tokyo Laundry


2. WFH boxers

Getting too hot for your usual WFH uniform?

Why not swap out the joggers and leggings for a pair of men’s boxer shorts?

They’re just as comfy – yet breathable and seriously on-point. Perfect for both the days when you’re left to work in solitude and those when you’re Zooming with the rest of the team. Just style a pair of black boxers with an oversized t-shirt – loose or tucked in, your choice. And if the temperature drops (it is Blighty, after all), layer a super-soft hoodie over the top.


3. Beach boxers

The men’s boxers trend is an absolute winner for your hols.

You strip down on the beach anyway, so what better place to try out this stripped-back look?

If you’re heading for a chilled day poolside or hitting up the sand, opt for a pair of our button-up boxers in black. Slip them on over your bikini or swimsuit. Don your sliders. And finish the look with a loose cotton shirt – either one of your own, or one also stolen from his wardrobe.  


Men's boxer shorts for women


Buy your voguish boxers today

Fancy giving it a whirl? Go on. Set the trend this summer and treat yourself to a few packs from our men’s underwear range.

Even if you don’t fancy going public with your pants, boxer shorts have a lot going for them – making them a great choice for men and women. They’re stylish, stretchy, breathable, affordable – and, most importantly, uber comfy. Wear them as a statement look for your summer outings, if you like...

Or just throw them on as a cute pair of PJ shorts or underpants?

No matter what, once you try them, we guarantee you’ll never look back.

If you’ve got something on your mind, remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. We’re by no means full-blown fashion gurus – but we do know our products inside out. So if you’ve got a question about our men’s boxers, send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and we’ll get back to you ASAP.


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