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How to style a Christmas jumper

Christmas jumpers.

Love em’ or hate em’, in December, they’re as compulsory as mince pies, festive films and listening to Maria Carey on repeat. Non-optional attire for the yuletide period.


Stylish Christmas jumpers at Tokyo Laundry


But let’s face it… they’re just a bit tacky tricky to style.

Chunky. Boldly patterned. Garishly bright. They certainly make it difficult to strike the right balance between seasonal and stylish. So to set you on the right track, we thought we’d share a few ideas.

Read on, don a festive knit from our collection, and wear it with your fashion cred intact.


3 ways to wear a Christmas jumper

Without looking like an extra from Love Actually.


1. Like a boss

For days in the office.

No need to ditch your festive spirit, just to look professional at work.

Whether it’s officially ‘Christmas Jumper Day’, or you’re the kinda’ gal that wears seasonal knits throughout December, it’s as simple as layering your Xmas jumper over a white collared shirt.

For this look, our advice is to keep it toned-down.

You don’t need a pullover with a giant flashing reindeer head to stick to the festive theme. Instead, opt for something classy – like a fair isle pattern or simple slogan. And depending on how executive you need to look, either add wide-leg trousers or flared jeans and a pair of heeled ankle boots.



Women's Christmas jumpers



2. Back to the 90s

For brunch with the girls.

Lots of forgotten 90s fashion trends have made a comeback in 2022.

We’ve been channelling a combo of J. Lo, Gwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore (circa 1995) pretty much all year – and that’s not about to stop just because Santa Claus is coming to town.

To nail a festive pre-millennial vibe, choose a women’s Christmas jumper in a bright colour, with a repetitive busy pattern. Again, we’re thinking fair isle in red or hot pink. Then tuck it into a high-waisted black leather skirt and finish the look with tights and a pair of chunky boots.

If skirts aren’t your MO, just switch it out for a pair of leather trousers.

Perfect for those bottomless festive bubbles with the girls or hitting up the Xmas market.



Xmas jumpers available at Tokyo Laundry



 3. The oversized dress

For festive parties and going out out.

Don’t think you could pull off a festive pullover at a party?

Wrong. All you have to do is size up.

Instead of buying your usual size, opt for an XXL – or even go for a style from our men’s Christmas jumper collection. The bigger and chunkier and cosier, the better. Then, to transform the look from slob to sass, simply team it with a pair of glittery stiletto sandals and a matching baguette bag.

Worried you’ll look like a sack of coal? We hear you.

If you’re not a fan of an oversized outfit, take a glam jumper – preferably with sequins and glitter – and layer it over a sequined pencil skirt to create a super easy (and super sparkly) party look.



Men's and women's Christmas jumpers



Pick your on-point Christmas pullover today

As impossible as it may seem – as you hold up that ‘unique’ novelty Christmas jumper with in-built flashing lights – there are ways to be merry, bright and still look nice this December. You’ve just got to get a bit creative…

Or if all else fails, why not embrace the cheesiness?

Throw on the loudest, most extravagant design you can find (there’s a few contenders in our collection…). Pull on a pair of leggings or joggers (the stretchiness will come in handy post turkey dinner). And ramp up the camp with bauble earrings and festive slippers.

Not particularly on trend, but a look that’ll defo get you into the festive spirit!

Browse our full online collection of stylish Christmas jumpers for men and women; see which one catches your eye. And if you have any questions – about how to style a Christmas jumper, the products in our store, what should be on your wish list this year etc. – you’re more than welcome to contact our little elves.

We’re by no means experts in fashion. But we do keep an eye on the latest trends, and we know our products as well as Santa knows his Christmas eve route around the world. Just send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and we’ll respond as soon as we can with the deets.




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