How to measure bra size

How to measure your bra size

It’s not something we’re ever taught as women – but it should be!

Just think, how many times have found yourself staring at bras online, not a clue which size to go for? It’s happened to all of us – and, in the end, we’re guessing you just make an educated guess and hope for the best? That’s fine for any other type of clothing. But when it comes to your bra, it’s crucial that you get the fit 100% right.

You can’t just rely on luck. You need accurate measurements. And as a self-professed expert in women’s underwear, we thought we’d clear up the confusion once and for all.

Here’s our guide on how to size up your boobs like a pro.


How to measure for a bra


Why is it important to have a well-fitted bra?

Well, for a start, wearing the wrong size is seriously uncomfortable. There’s nothing worse than tight wires sticking into your ribcage or loose straps that refuse to stay in place.

It’s more than just an issue of comfort, though. Wearing an ill-fitted bra can also lead to a host of unpleasant health problems, from significant neck, back, shoulder, and breast pain to poor posture, skin damage, and premature sagging.

No joke, the importance of measuring up and picking out the right bra size can’t be overstated. And, ideally, you should take fresh measurements every time you buy a new bra. Our bodies are changing all the time. And let’s face it, the size taken at your first awkward bra fitting with Mum, will almost certainly not be the right size for you now.


Measuring up for the perfect Tokyo Laundry bra

Here at Tokyo Laundry, as part of our highly coveted women’s underwear range, we offer non-wired full-cup bras and sports bras in three sizes – small, medium, and large.

As you’ll be aware, these aren’t your typical UK bra sizes – with a number and letter to represent band and cup size, respectively. You won’t find any 32As or 36DDs on our site, but there’s no need to panic. This simple albeit unusual sizing makes it much easier to find your perfect fit.

All of our bras have a plush elasticated underband, which stretches to perfectly fit your empire line (i.e. the line just under your boobs, that runs around your ribcage). So, there’s no need to figure out your band size. You simply need to measure the fullest part of your bust. 

Wrap a soft tape measure around your boobs (at about nipple level), taking care not to pull it too tightly and keeping it as flat and level as possible. Jot down the measurement in either inches or centimetres. Then, use the conversion chart below to identify your ideal size.

It’s as simple as that.

 Conversion chart to work out bra size at Tokyo Laundry


Who knew that measuring for a bra could be so easy? Zero fuss. Zero hassle. No unnecessary returns. Just a well-fitted and comfortable garment that provides support in all the right places.


How do you know if a bra fits properly?

Essentially, your bra should feel snug without being too tight.

You might feel a bit silly - but when you try it on, move around a bit. Jump up and down. Walk back and forth. Even do a little dance if you want. Just make sure it’s comfortable, allowing you to move freely whilst also staying in place.

It shouldn’t leave any marks on your skin or feel as though it’s restricting your breathing. But the band should fit firmly around your ribcage, so you’re not relying solely on the straps. And with it fastened on the first hook, you should feel fully supported and secure.

If not, you’re wearing the wrong size – and it’s time to measure up and buy new.


Women's underwear available at Tokyo Laundry


Here at Tokyo Laundry, we have a fantastic selection of full cup and sports bras for you to choose from, in a range of pretty colours. All of which are made from a soft and breathable cotton blend, and are designed to flatter the feminine physique – no matter your unique size or shape.

These are available for a great price, starting from just £9.99, and can be paired with matching styles from our collection of women’s boxers, briefs, and thongs.

So, why not have a go? Put our guide to the test. Take some measurements, treat yourself to a new super-cute bra, and see if you get the perfect fit. And remember, if you have any questions – either about how to measure for a bra or the products available in our store – you’re more than welcome to get in touch. Send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and our women’s underwear experts will get back to you as soon as possible.



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