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Get active, get activewear

The end is in sight. 21st June.

The date when all legal limits on social contact are predicted to be lifted.

Bottomless brunch with the girls? Pub crawl with the lads? Family meal at your local restaurant? Whatever you plan to do, there’s one thing for certain – you’ll need to ditch your loungewear in favour of a proper outfit. And if you’ve put on a few lockdown pounds, now is the time to act.

 Woman wearing activewear from Tokyo Laundry

To trim down to your pre-COVID size, you’re going to have to pry yourself away from the sofa (sorry!) and get active. Yes, gyms are still shut, but there are plenty of ways to exercise safely from the comfort of home. And here we’ve rounded up a few useful tips and ideas to get you started.


4 tips to help you get active 

1. Invest in activewear

It’s important to look the part.

Let’s face it, you can’t do a workout in a fluffy dressing gown… things would get very sweaty, very quickly! And sometimes, putting on some stylish activewear is all it takes to boost your motivation and get you in the mood for exercise. So, first things first, treat yourself to a few new items.

Here at Tokyo Laundry, we have a fantastic selection of activewear for women – including leggings, cropped sports tops, racer-back vests, sports bras, hoodies and more. All of which are super-cute yet practical and available for an affordable price. For men, we also stock a range of exercise-appropriate clothing – including cuffed joggers, jogger shorts, hoodies, and basic t-shirts.

Stock up, get out of your loungewear, and into the right frame of mind.


2. Try a TV workout

We’ve all become well-acquainted with the TV over the last few months. But rather than slouching in front of Netflix, why not don your new activewear and try a fast-paced TV workout instead?

Don’t worry, there’s no need to drag out your ‘Mr Motivator’ videos from the 90s. There’s plenty of options to choose from online – including everything from old-school keep fit and yoga classes to HIIT sessions and Zumba. Take a look, see what you fancy, and get moving in your living room.


Activewear for women


3. Do your daily commute

Working from home?

We get it. It’s so tempting to roll out of bed at 8.55am. But if you’re wanting to be more active, here’s an idea – get up and do your daily commute. Of course, there’s no need to run for your usual bus or do the 10 mile car journey to the office. But rather than spending the extra time in bed, use it wisely, and either go out for a brisk 30 minute walk or a gentle jog in your local park.

After all, heading out for daily exercise is one of the few things we’re allowed to do right now. It’s important to make the most of it and don’t just move from your bed to your desk and back again.


4. Get some basic equipment

Ok, so professional gym equipment is expensive to buy. But there are plenty of low-cost alternatives, that will allow you to get active and workout at home – without breaking the bank in the process.

For example, you could invest in a skipping rope. It may be a playground classic, but just 10 minutes of skipping in your garden is equivalent to running 1 mile in 8 minutes. It can burn a lot of calories, whilst also improving your cardiovascular health and strength. So, why not give it a go?

Or perhaps purchase a couple of resistance bands? Again, these will help you to tone up and improve your overall fitness – and once you’ve finished your workout, they can be easily stored away.


Activewear for men


Put our tips to the test

If you’re desperate to shed a few pounds before lockdown eases, why not put our tips to the test. Invest in some high-quality activewear, set aside some time for exercise, and start to get active.

And remember, we’re always happy to help. By no means are we experts in this area. But we do know about our products. And if you have a question about any of the men’s or women’s activewear in our store, or would like a little advice on which to buy, please feel free to get in touch. Simply send an email to customerservices@tokyolaundry.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


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