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Fashion faux pas: 5 frightful mistakes that you need to avoid

Fashion can be a fickle thing. Trends come and go. Styles continuously change with the seasons. But no matter what is considered on-point at the time, certain fashion faux pas are always unforgivable.

Halloween is just around the corner – and in the spirit of all things frightful, here we’ve rounded up some of the most horrifying fashion crimes that should be avoided at all costs.  

 Fashion faux pas


Ultimately, we believe the key to dressing well is to invest in high-quality clothes (from the likes of Tokyo Laundry, obviously!) and to make sure you feel comfortable in what you wear. So, why not read on? Discover the ghastliest style mistakes of 2021 and browse our full online range today.


1. Visible underwear

Underwear should be exactly that. Worn under your clothes.

Falling bra straps and thongs that peek out from your low-rise jeans are never a good look, whilst visible panty lines are a true sartorial sin – and there’s absolutely no excuse for them.

Nowadays, women (and men, for that matter!) have plenty of choice when it comes to their pants. It’s so easy to choose a pair of knickers that works with your outfit. And thanks to the invention of no VPL styles, it’s definitely time for conspicuous panty lines to RIP.

Here at Tokyo Laundry, many of the briefs and boxers in our women’s underwear range are seam-free. So, why not save yourself the embarrassment of this unnecessary fashion mistake? Invest in a few new pairs – and remember, always check your derriere before leaving the house!


2. Following the trends

Everyone wants to be on-trend. But blindly following the latest runway fashions can be a recipe for disaster. Many catwalk styles often don’t make it to stores because they’re so extreme. And just because a certain style is all the rage, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for you.

It’s much better to focus on clothing that suits you and your tastes. If you’re most comfortable in a pair of joggers and a hoody, that’s absolutely fine. After all, you look your best when you feel your best. So rather than trying to copy the latest feature in Vogue, simply be yourself and avoid this needless fashion faux pas.



3. Ill-fitting clothes

Another all-too-common fashion blunder is wearing clothes that just don’t fit.

Excessive fabric can be unflattering and shapeless. And don’t get us started on muffin tops and camel toes… the horror! Unless you’re intentionally going for an oversized looked, your clothes should complement your body shape and size – hugging your curves in the right places, whilst also providing support and comfort.

Here at Tokyo Laundry, all products in both our men’s and women’s range have a regular fit. They’re designed to hit the sweet spot – not too loose, not too tight. And by opting for your usual size, you can easily avoid this fashion faux pas and be confident you’re tailored correctly.


4. Heels you can’t walk in

It doesn’t matter how on-point your outfit or how sexy a pair of heels may be. If you’re hobbling around like something out of a zombie movie, just take them off. There’s nothing worse than seeing a woman who can’t walk in her high heels. You need to be able to strut your stuff with confidence, without the constant fear of face planting the pavement!

Thankfully, the ‘skirt and trainer’ combo has boomed this season – so it’s perfectly acceptable to style your favourite floaty dress with super-comfy sporty shoes. Bag yourself a pair of canvas lace-ups from our women’s footwear edit and save yourself the pain and hassle.


5. Pyjamas in public

There’s no justification for this one. Whether you’re just nipping for some milk, doing the school run, or calling round at your mate’s house, wearing pyjamas in public is a huge fashion no-no. And the question is, why would you even bother?

Since the start of the pandemic, pretty much every brand has started to stock loungewear; clothes that offer a midpoint between PJs and athleisure. So, even if you’re insistent on staying comfy, donning your flannel two-piece in broad daylight is completely unnecessary.

Simply opt for joggers instead or invest in a jersey knit set from our women’s loungewear department – and don’t give the neighbours a fright!


Clothes available at Tokyo Laundry


The no.1 fashion faux pas?

Not shopping at Tokyo Laundry

Here we’ve listed some pretty scary fashion faux pas. But if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to own clothes from our coveted online range, that trumps them all. And the good news is, you can rectify that mistake today.

Keep the tricks and tips listed above in mind and treat yourself to some new threads. Everything in our store is priced affordably and next day delivery is free if you spend £50 or more. Which means, you can stock up on no VPLs, invest in loungewear, and pick up some comfy trainers – avoiding these devilish style crimes without breaking the bank in the process.

And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you have a question about one of our products or would like further advice on the most common fashion mistakes, we’re happy to help. Just send an email to info@tokyolaundry.co.uk and we’ll get back to you sharpish.


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