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Choosing women’s underwear? 4 things to consider

Thongs. Brazilians. Hipsters. High-Leg Briefs. Boxer Briefs. Tangas.

When it comes to women’s underwear, the number of styles available to choose from can be a tad overwhelming. But not to worry! Here at Tokyo Laundry, we can help you to pick your new favourite pair of pants. 

Believe it or not, underwear can make or break an outfit. We’ve all had incidents where the lace of our briefs is noticeable through trousers and tight dresses. 

But say goodbye to VPLs. We pinky promise you’ll feel comfortable right through ‘til the early hours with our range of women’s underwear.

Here are some tips you should follow when refreshing your stash.


Women's underwear available at Tokyo Laundry



If you’re a big granny pants wearer, we’re not here to try and change your mind. But a new set of briefs is always a nice treat, isn't it?

All of our women’s briefs and boxer briefs are stylish yet comfortable. Finished off with our signature branding, you’ll be proud to show these bad boys off. 

If you’re a VPL hater or simply find them more comfortable, we also have a wide range of thongs. Whether you want to keep it simple with blush tones, or would like something a bit brighter, we’ve got the thong for you.



Who wants uncomfy knickers? Not us!

Synthetic materials are more likely to trap sweat and moisture, causing nasty infections…gross.

To avoid this, stick with cotton-based underwear. We love cotton here at Tokyo Laundry. It’s breathable, doesn’t trap moisture and is comfy as hell. 



We’re not saying people are going to see your underwear (or are we?), but it’s always nice when you have a set of undies you like the look of. 

If you like to mix things up, or simply can’t decide on a colour, we’re here to help. We have a selection of multipacks of thongs, briefs and hipster briefs on our site, with a mixture of colours for every day of the week. 

You’ll be spoilt for choice!



Everyone deserves to feel fresh all day every day. Our advice? Get knickers that fit. It may sound like a simple one, but having a pair of pants that sit comfortably over your peach can make all the difference. Having ones that strangle us can lead to ingrown hairs and bacteria build-up, which no one wants. 

Big gym-goer? Again, keeping your underwear on for too long after a sweaty session can increase the speed bacteria build up and cause infections that are tricky to get rid of. 

To avoid any lasting damage, wear a pair that hugs you comfortably and jump in the shower as soon as you get in from the gym. 


Examples of women's underwear available at Tokyo Laundry


Women’s underwear at Tokyo Laundry

When it comes to women’s underwear, it’s important you feel comfortable, supported and empowered. And not to blow our own trumpet, but our collection can offer all of this, as well as breathable and stylish options. 

So, why not browse the range today?

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We don’t bite.


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